About the Australian Memory of the World Program

AMW Program

The Australian program was founded in 2000 and was the first in the world; now there are more than 60 national Memory of the World programs. It aims to:

  • establish and maintain the Australian Memory of the World Register
  • coordinate and propose nominations from Australia to the Memory of the World Regional and International Registers
  • raise awareness and promote the Program through publications and presentations
  • encourage and seek government and private sector sponsorship for specific projects and activities.

Here is a PDF version of a Powerpoint presentation on the AMW Program.

Relations with international and regional programs

The international Memory of the World is a UNESCO program that is aimed at preserving and providing access to valuable archive holdings and library collections around the world.

Regional Committees have been established around the world to implement the program. A Regional Memory of the World Committee for the Asia-Pacific Region (MOWCAP) has been operating since 1998.

AMW committee members and subcommittee members

A listing of the members of the Australian Memory of the World Committee and its subcommittees can be found on the Committee page.

The Committee operates largely by volunteer and in-kind support, and is grateful to the various organisations that have provided sponsorship for its operation and activities.


The Committee is governed by its Rules of Procedure.


Values held and applied by the Committee in the execution of its functions.

Publications & Presentations

The Committee maintains a list of its publications and presentations on its Publications page.


The Committee regards the privacy of its communication seriously.  More information can be found in the Privacy Statement.


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