The main activity of the Australian Memory of the World Program is the development and maintenance of the Australian Register. The Program also encourages nominations to the registers operated at the regional level by the Memory of the World Regional Committee for Asia/Pacific and internationally by the UNESCO Memory of the World Program.

Why nominate an item or collection for the Australian Register?

Benefits include:

  • Strategic opportunities (promotional and political) arising from right to use the high-status Memory of the World logo
  • Prestige conferred on organisations and collections as a result of UNESCO‚Äôs recognition
  • Opportunities for increased public awareness
  • Strengthening arguments for sponsorship, grants and annual funding for preservation
  • Being part of the global effort to enhance awareness and support for the preservation of documentary heritage


The nomination program operates biennially. The Australian process is structured to operate in the alternate years to the international and regional programs. Please see the How to Nominate section of the site for advice on preparing a nomination. Nominations are assessed by the Assessment Sub-Committee.


Detailed guidelines on the preparation of a nomination are available on this site. To start the nomination process read the current Nomination form and the Submission Manual. Once you have looked at these documents it is useful to have an informal discussion with a member of the Memory of the World Committee an in particular a member of the Assessment Sub-Committee. You will find their advice very useful in preparing a nomination.


We've put together a map showing the locations of institutions whose collections have been inscribed on the Australian Register.