How to Nominate



Nominations are now open for items to be inscribed on the 2015 Australian Memory of the World Register. Nominations close on 30 June 2014. Successful nominations will be announced publicly in March 2015. Please use the Contact Form to start a discussion on your nomination.


Any government, institution, organisation, group or individual may submit nominations for the Australian Memory of the World Register. However, priority will be given to nominations made by or through relevant heritage institutions and to Australian documentary heritage under threat. In addition, two or more governments, institutions, organisations, groups or individuals may put forward joint nominations where collections are divided among several owners or custodians. Such prior collaboration is strongly encouraged. The Australian Memory of the World Committee also reserves the right to initiate nominations itself.

Nomination from

The nomination form can be downloaded in PDF and DOC formats. The form is ready to use. However, please note that the planned audio and video help links described within are not yet active. We hope to have them ready soon. Please contact us directly and we will be happy to help.


Online guidelines to completing the nomination form are set out in the Submission Manual.

UNESCO has published general guidelines on how to submit a nomination for inscription but for the Australian Register you should follow the instructions in the Submission Manual.

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