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The Australian Register Unesco Memory of the World Program

cover image of the Australian Register Unesco Memory of the World Program

Published by the UNESCO Australian Memory of the World Committee

PO Box 9177 Deakin ACT 2600

Text © UNESCO Australian Memory of the World Committee and individual authors
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Images © as per credits accompanying images (please contact custodial institutions and individuals
for information on obtaining and reproducing images).

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First edition 2015

ISBN: 978-0-646-93390-0

Edited by Roslyn Russell and Anne-Marie Condé

Designed by Racheal Brühn

Printed by Bytes n’ Colours

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are not necessarily those of UNESCO and do not commit the Organization.

The UNESCO Australian Memory of the World Committee operates under the auspices
of the Australian National Commission for UNESCO.

Front cover images:

(top row, left to right) Munggurrawuy Yunupingu, Port of Macassar, 1947, crayon on brown paper, 114 x 74 cm, Berndt Museum, The University of Western Australia © Estate of the artist. Acc. No. 6970; For the benefit
of J. Butler and W. Bryant … [Sydney Playbill] nla.aus-vn4200235-s1, National Library of Australia; Torres Strait pigeon eating the fruit of the wild plum, watercolour by Segar Passi, Margaret Lawrie Torres Strait Island Collection, State Library of Queensland.

(Bottom row, left to right) Letter by William Light to George Jones, 22 November 1836, State Library
of South Australia; Petition for reprieve of Ned Kelly, Public Record Office Victoria; Coffer fish from
William Buelow Gould’s Sketchbook of Fishes, Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts, Hobart; Migrant Selection Documents for Antoni Poboka, Series A12522, R50-R53, National Archives of Australia; Driver Jack, Norman Tindale, Charles P. Mountford, Stocker, ‘man of all works’, Ernie Guthrie, at Warburton Ranges,
South Australian Museum; Drawing from ‘The Life and Adventures of Edward Snell’, State Library of Victoria.